Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Handle With Care


I managed to read the newest Jodi Picoult book in two days. Nothing odd about that I guess, I usually do get sucked into her books like that.

I was so shocked by the ending, not what I was expecting at all.

Do you read Jodi Picoult? Have you read this newest one? What did you think?

By the way on my 100 challenge I've completed something like 34 or 35 for the year so far. I've been picking up some books that once I get them home are actually two books re-released in one. I need to pay more attention because they only count as one but if I had checked them both out I would get to count them as two. I mean I read them regardless so why not get to count both? I've got to pay more attention ;) And I'm still reading about Hawaii too.....planning, dreaming. ;0)

1 comment:

Julie said...

You already know I'm a huge Jodi Picoult fan!

I kind of expected this ending but the book was so good.

I'm reading a really great book now...The Local News by Miriam Gershow. I think you would like it.