Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm so bad!

I got lazy and quit writing down my book titles as I was reading. So did I make my goal this year?
I have no idea. I know that I slowed down a lot from earlier in the year.
I took on some paid sewing orders, school/ballet/life got me busy, and I took an editing job online. Because of those things I haven't been reading as much though I hope to get into a better routine and get back into it.

I am currently reading Karen Kingsbury's Unlocked. What are you reading?

And Julie D....did you receive your book that you won? They are always so super about shipping to me that I hope you did.

I received an offer for another one to review from a different publisher & just realized even though I responded over a week ago I haven't seen it or heard from them. Hm I'll have to check on that too.

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Jewely Bug said...

I haven't yet... :/ I was looking forward to reading it before Christmas too.