Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jennifer Crusie

This is a author who I have mentioned quite often in the last few months. I stumbled upon the first one of hers I read and fell in love.

Romances are my favorite but these aren't the sappy kind of lovey dovey ooey gooey love stories that you might think of when someone mentions romance.

Hers are romance but they are so funny! She is so witty & quirky!!

You can read her biography here.

Some that I've read are collaborations with Bob Mayer, I loved these almost as much as her solo books.

IF I had to pick my absolute favorite one of hers that I've read, perhaps for you to read first? It would be the first one I read. Bet Me would be my choice hands down.

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Julie said...

I put Bet Me on reserve from the library.