Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A New Author

I saw an ad in All You magazine for a book titled The Cross-Country Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini a few weeks ago.

It looked interesting and reminded me of one of my favorite series by Emilie Richards, The Shenandoah Album Novels, they all seem to revolve around a quilt pattern in some way.

So I looked up the author online at my county library, I wanted to reserve this book. Well I discovered that this is the third story in a series of books, and actually this one isn't the newest edition so I'm not sure why it was in such a big ad in that magazine. I found the first book in the series, The Quilter's Apprentice and put it on hold.

I loved it!! Granted it may not have been the greatest story ever told but the actually quilting, mentioning of patterns, etc in this book just drew me in. I come from a line of quilters, and I really want to get into quilting myself.

So, once I read the first one I decided to read the others too. I haven't been reading them in order because for some odd reason my county library doesn't have the second on in their system. I did read The Cross-Country Quilters and now I'm reading The Sugar Camp Quilt.

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