Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!!

Seems everyone is looking back over the last year to what they didn't accomplish or what they did, and looking forward to 2012 to what they hope to accomplish.  I don't really get into the whole 'resolutions' thing, but I can set goals for reading!! 

I'm not sure I even remember what goal I set last year for reading, if I set one at all.  I do know I started out pretty good on keeping up with what I was reading then let that fall by the wayside as I got buy with other things too.  And now that I own a Kindle Fire I won't have that little slip from the library to just file away all the time either (I will still go to the library, but also read on my Kindle). 

I have a Shelfari account, haven't kept up with it in a very long time.  A friend recommended GoodReads to me and I will try to use it this year, sometimes, just the hassle of putting them online gets to me, and I haven't really played around over there enough to know how the whole site works yet.

So will you set a goal for how many books you read this year, or maybe pages instead?  i think I may try to keep track of pages too, just to see how many there are too.  I think I will set a goal of...... hmm....  140?  And to me, I won't count books that I've read before, only new books.

How do you keep track of what you have read? I guess I will have to do better at this if I am going to know whether or not I meet my goal this time next year!!

good luck & get ready, get set, go!!!  Get reading!!!!

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