Friday, January 18, 2008

Book Reviews!

Well I finished Playing for Pizza by John Grisham. What can I say? It left me disappointed. It was definitely different from some of his other books. And somewhat boring! It's about American football in Italy, a NFL player who runs away to Italy to play after nothing but disasters here. So, I'm not a HUGE football fan, I found myself skipping paragraphs when the game was being played and described in detail. Then I found myself skipping when parts of Italy were being described over & over or churches & other buildings being described in detail. So, I won't bother to read it again ~ shoot the only reason I really finished it was because I hate to NOT finish a book once I start and I kept hoping there would be more at the end, but it just kind of ended.

And Pandora's Daughter by Iris Johansen was one I read in the last few days too. Now, this one wasn't part of her Eve Duncan series that I really love but it was still a good read. This one was centered more on mystics/physics that sort of thing that I just don't understand or know that I believe in. It was good, it did have suspense, like her books usually do but it wasn't as good as the Eve Duncan books I don't think. However I would read this one again and probably if it were to turn into a series the ones following, just because I got attached to the characters and would like to see what happens with them following this.

Now I'm reading Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich I started this one last night and I've been addicted to it all day, in between home school stuff, laundry, lunch, doing stuff with Avery I've been sneaking in pages. And I will probably finish this one tonight, it will be one that I won't be able to put down to go to bed I don't think. UGH early ballet class in the morning is going to be bad if I don't finish it at a decent hour. Maybe the weather WILL cancel class, hopefully!

So if you see something on my list below and have questions, just ask away. And I'll add my Shelfari shelf here so you can see the hundreds of books I *can* remember reading if you want to browse those. ;)

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