Sunday, January 20, 2008

What Matters Most by Luanne Rice

Someone recommended a book written by Luanne Rice to me a few years ago ~ I don't remember which one now ~ and I've been hooked on her books since! I was so happy to see
a new one at the library last week when I stopped in to pick up another book on hold.

What Matters Most is actually a follow up to another of her works, Sandcastles so if you think this one is one for you you'll want to read Sandcastles first.

I just started reading this one Friday night, I was on chapter 6 yesterday morning when we
left ballet class. I finished it this afternoon, in tears *kleenex warning for this one!*

I don't want to say too much to ruin the story so I'll just go with what her official site has to say about the book I think.

"Sister Bernadette Ignatius has returned to Ireland in the company of Tom Kelly to search
for the past—and the son—they left behind. For it was here that these two long-ago lovers spent a season of magic before Bernadette’s calling led her to a vocation as Mother Superior at Star of the Sea Academy on the sea-tossed Connecticut shore. For Tom, Bernadette’s choice meant giving up his fortune and taking the job as caretaker at Star of the Sea, where he could be close to the woman he could no longer have but whom he
never stopped loving. And while one miracle drew them apart, another is about to bring them together again.

For somewhere in Dublin a young man named Seamus Sullivan is also on a search, dreaming of being reunited with his own first love, the only “family” he’s ever known. They’d been inseparable growing up together at St. Augustine’s Children’s Home, until Kathleen Murphy’s parents claimed her and she vanished across the sea to America. Now, in a Newport mansion, that very girl, grown to womanhood, works as a maid and waits with a faith that defies all reason for the miracle that will bring back the only boy she’s ever loved.That miracle is at hand—but like most miracles, it can come only after the darkest of nights and the deepest of heartbreaks. For life can be as precarious as a walk along a cliff, and its greatest rewards reached only by those who dare to risk everything…for what matters most. "

Taken from her official site

NOW I'm moving on to Danielle Steel's new book Amazing Grace, since it is due back to the library next. I tell ya this writers strike is improving my reading time but man I miss some of my shows on TV!!

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