Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sohpie Kinsella

I'm sure that name grabs some attention. I have seen her mentioned over and over again here, there, a little of everywhere. Especially for her 'shopaholic' books.
I found this book written by her at the library and thought I'd give her a try. It was called "Can You Keep a Secret?" It's not part of the shopaholic series, obviously but I've wanted to try one of her books so this was the one I found.

It was okay, it had a little too much use of the *F* word for my liking, why can't a different word that means the same thing be used instead? Anyways, I read it and it was a cute story I guess. But not one of my top picks.


Julie said...

I do like her books and I have the one you mentioned. I agree about the *F* word though. :)

Kali said...

I found "Can you keep a secret?" resembled "Bridget Jone's diary" a little too much. However, I found her secrets to be hillarious!